Uniform Foundation in Dammam Saudi Arabia

Team Uniform Establishment in Dammam, Saudi Arabia

We have great experience in designing all kinds of uniforms and uniforms for all institutions and factories
Where it represents a basic appearance for companies and gives the impression of luxury and the company’s internal organization, so we offer our products through specialized and experienced detail workshops and high quality of the used fabrics and other raw materials such as supporting accessories for clothing
For example, uniforms for restaurants
Uniforms of cement factories and the like
Multitasking overalls
medical uniforms
Uniforms of security men for institutions
Insulating refrigerant replacement
Private and experimental schools
Uniforms for schools
Apron for Chefs
Engineers, technicians and administrators uniforms
Hotel and hotel room service uniforms
Graduation Party Costume Graduation Robe and Cap
We have annual contracts at special rates
batch manufacturing
uniform jackets
We have more than one production line to complete all these clothes
Dedicated production lines for jumpsuits, shirts, T-shirts, trousers, jackets, petticoats, suits and badges.
The finest raw materials for medical scrub fabrics, medical uniforms
Because medical scrub is one of the most clothes that you use daily, so we choose the fabrics materials carefully based on their components, and one of the best materials suitable for all places is the blended fabrics between cotton and polyester
To have the advantages of cotton in terms of light weight, thinness, strength, moisture absorption and the advantages of polyester, which are resistance to wrinkles, quick drying, and no lint formation, not changing color with washing, anti-shrinkage
Then comes the design step
We have modern designs that suit the women’s taste and others dedicated to men
Medical uniform with a text suitable for the summer and a medical uniform with a sleeve suitable for the winter Medical scrub suitable for veiled women
Suitable distribution of pockets for ease of use, and the outfit becomes practical and comfortable
Scrub divided into two parts T-shirt and pants
With side slits on the blouse for easy movement
With an elegant V-neck
All colors are available in the same quality
High quality stitching details
We manufacture a final sample of the agreed-upon uniform and present it to the client before starting the implementation
All sizes for all models from XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL, and special sizes are available.
We also provide designs for medical gowns in various colors for various functions
In addition to a single-use scrub for operating rooms
All medical supplies used for health and medical professions
The most important of which is scraping medical allowances, which differ according to the job between the doctor and the nurse
And the men’s and women’s Lab Coats
operations allowance
Nursing uniform
Isolation and sterilization allowance

Head Cap
The possibility of adding all accessories to the outfit and embroidering on it, whether by name, job, or the logo of the institution
SGS-certified nanotechnology-treated fabric can also be used to become resistant to bacteria to prevent the formation of any odors due to its interaction with perspiration, flexible, anti-ultraviolet, air permeable, fluid repellent, resistant to liquid spillage, which reduces stains.
Free delivery inside Dammam and all over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
We have the ability to export outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Suitable prices for all sectors and special price offers for factories and companies
The shop provides a representative for the uniform shops in Dammam to show you the company’s products and also to inspect and take the sizes of the employees in the workplace
A huge precedent of working with major companies, factories and hospitals
Delivery on time

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